Best Time Inn

Will Best Time Inn pick me up?
Yes, our free pick-up service is available at Belize City Municipal Airport Ferry Bus Station locations and during normal business hours. To schedule your pick up time or make additional arrangements, please call 6140055. Once picked up and back at the office, a friendly rental representative will complete your paper work and have you on the road in no time.
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What are your renter requirements for renting in the Belize?
n order to rent from Best Time Inn Car Rental all drivers must meet the following requirements: minimum age 23 and Have a valid driver's license. Be able to provide an acceptable form of payment.
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Is a Deposit Required When Renting a Vehicle
Yes. The deposit amount varies by rental kind. For more details, start a reservation by choosing your rental car, dates and times. Once on the “Choose a Vehicle Class” page, click on “must agree to Terms & Conditions/Policies
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How much is a rental car deposit?
0.00 BZ or more
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What should I do if I get in an accident in a rental car?
If you get into an auto accident in your rental car, the first thing you do is call the police and file a police report. You should then call Best Time Inn which you rented and provide information on the accident. Our staff will walk you through the next steps. If you happen to get into a rental car accident when the Best Time Inn . We recommend calling Best Time Inn as soon as possible during business hours.
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Tire flat due to faulty valve stem = probably not chargeable Tire flat due to construction nail thee feet outside the National lot = probably chargeable
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